Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rock Letters

Formation of letters is an important skill for kids to master. Big L is 3-years-old, so he is not developmentally ready to start writing his letters (and he's a bit delayed in the fine motor-skills department), but that doesn't mean we can't, or shouldn't, work on forming letters. Be creative with what you have around the house and start working on this skill today!

On this day, we decided to use rocks from my planter to form letters on the couch. In the beginning, I had to help him out by creating most of the letter and having him complete it. Start with the simple letters, L, T, H, etc., and then move on to the harder, curvier letters, B, D, and S, for example.

What else do you have around the house that you could use? Coins, cotton balls, bingo dots, ..... Leave your suggestion as a comment below. 

Pennies in a baggy would make a great busy bag for the doctor's office. You could even leave one behind (heads up, of course) and make some sick kid's day! Though, leaving a quarter would be better. But, this isn't a blog about math. Just reading. 


  1. We use sugar packets at restaurants while waiting for our food. He likes to make patterns with the different colors too.

    1. Good one! We usually just stack jelly, butter or creamer pods. Our record is 11 high, btw. lol