Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thinking Beyond an Activity

Big L loves these puzzle pairs. We have a few different ones (ABC & Numbers, Opposites, and Simple Words).

The problem with the Simple Words puzzle is that he knew all the words the first time we did them, but wanted to keep matching the words with the pictures over and over again. I say that's a problem, because Mommy thinks she might go crazy if she has to do this puzzle with him one more time. (Can you tell, yet, that I get bored easily?)

Here's a tip for you moms out there that have a kid that obsesses over an activity that he has already mastered; come up with a way to extend the activity, or change one or two elements of it to make it more difficult. Bonus: It'll keep you entertained, too. 

We have done this puzzle a number of ways:
  • Child completes it independently
  • Mom keeps all the words, child spreads out all the pictures. Child must read word before matching.
  • Child spreads out the words, mom keeps pictures. Child must skim for the word and match it to the picture.
  • After all the matches are made, do a "creative clean-up." 
    • Give me all the words that start with the /d/ sound. (phonemic awareness)
    • Give me all the words that can hold water. (word awareness)
    • Give me a word that means the opposite of hot. (word awareness)
    • Give me a word with the sounds /p/, /i/, /g/ (phonemic awareness - segmentation)
    • Give me two words that rhyme. (rhyme awareness) 
    • Give me a word that belongs to the -ag word family. (onset & rime awareness)
The possibilities are endless!

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  1. Great tips! I'm going to have to start printing your posts to remember all this. :)