Friday, June 29, 2012

Use What They Love

"Look, Mommy. I made an O."

I asked Big L if he thought we had enough trains to spell out the word train. He didn't think we had enough, so instead we used cars to spell the word car. The boy has almost 200 cars, for goodness sakes. I know this because we lined them ALL up and counted them one day. You might think from the pictures that we have duplicates of some cars, but no. They are all different. Piston Cup Lightening McQueen is NOT the same as Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen. At least, this is what I am told from the hoarder of the family. Yes, Big L gets his inherent need to collect things from his father. 

"Do you think you can spell car with your cars?" He got to work...

Can you tell that my child is a little OCD? He had to use all Lightning McQueens for one letter, Maters for another and for the last he decided to use "green and yellow cars." He completed this completely on his own. 

I guess all the work (or was it play?) that we did with Rock Letters, Marshmallow Letters, Playdough Letters, and Getting Messy with Letters has paid off. I think it is time to move on to writing letters with old fashioned pencil and paper.

Providing yet another idea for forming letters is not the point of this post. I think I have pretty much played out that topic, even thought my child still obsesses over making letters pretty much every day. No, the point of this post is this; use what your child loves to teach a skill or concept. L loves (obsesses) over his cars. So, I am constantly trying to think of new ways to connect cars with literacy. We have also made a "parking garage" from a cardboard box, with sight words written in the parking spaces. He had to park his cars in the sight words I read aloud. He didn't even realize he was learning. To him, we were just playing. 

Make it fun. Use what they love. 

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