Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shared Reading

"What are some strategies to use when you are reading with your emergent reader? For example, when he wants to read The Cat in the Hat but is terrible at it." 
                         Patience Is Not My Virtue

Good question. Been there, done that. Have the t-shirt.

It's bedtime. You're tired, but your child is trying anything within his power to delay bedtime. I swear that my child has thought, "I know! I'll insist on reading tonight. Let me find the looooongest book that I own. Mom is a sucker and surely won't discourage me from reading."

Oh, but mom isn't a sucker. She knows just what to do....

1. Read together. Tell him that you are going to read and he has to keep up. Just make sure to read at a slightly slower pace than normal.

2. Tell him that he has to pay attention and follow along. When you stop, he has to start.

3. Leave out a word here or there and see if he notices. If he doesn't notice, read the sentence again and ask, "Does that sound right? What did I do wrong?"

4. If it's a rhyming book, let your child read the rhyming words at the end of each line. Stop to point out  spelling patterns. Are they the same, or different? (here, there vs. sigh, tie)

5. Pick one sentence on each page for him to read by himself. Praise, praise, praise! Even if he makes an error or two, compliment him on being brave and trying.

6. Bargain with him. Tell him that you will read the book that he picks out and he will read whatever book you pick out.

You may be tired, but sieze the opportunity. If he's awake and focused (even if it is just because he is trying to delay the inevitable bedtime), use the most of the teachable moment.

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