Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Storytime Co-op: Week 4

It was unbearably hot outside, so we planned an indoor storytime this week. The boys were stir crazy and a bit wild, but they had fun. That's what matters, right? Momma's sanity comes second to her child's happiness. 

Theme: We didn't have a theme this week. Instead, we just planned some activities that connected to the book we chose.

Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Learning Concepts: Sequencing of Events; Ordinal Numbers (first, second, third, etc.)

The boys worked together to put the story's events in order. We had index cards with the words first, second, third, etc., and cards with pictures that represented the story's events. This is a great activity that you can use with just about any book. If your child does not remember what happened in which order, have him refer back to the book to help him figure it out. It's not cheating! 

Learning Concept: Vocabulary Development - healthy vs. unhealthy foods 

We talked about what makes a food healthy and what makes a food unhealthy. The boys sorted picture cards with food from the story. All the healthy foods went on the plate. They had to confer with each other to see if their friends agreed with the decisions being made. We discovered that the boys were confusing yummy with unhealthy. We were sure to explain that there are healthy foods that are yummy, too. 

Craft: Making Caterpillars

  • egg cartons - Cut off the lid and then cut the carton in half so each child gets 6 in a row (the body of the caterpillar)
  • paint & paint brushes
  • pipe cleaners
  • eyes
  • glue
Have your child paint the body of the caterpillar. Insert 2 short pipe cleaners in the head of the caterpillar to make the antenna, and glue on 2 eyes. A simple, and fun, craft! 

Lunch: We had a selection of healthy and unhealthy foods. The boys made their own peanut butter sandwich and we guided them in making a balanced meal. They had peanut butter sandwiches, a side of fruit, yogurt and a couple of mini marshmallows and chocolate chips as a sweet treat. 

And this is what the babies were doing...

Sweet things. 

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