Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Which Doesn't Belong?

More fun with flashcards....

Choose three or more cards and ask your child which doesn't belong with the others. Be sure to ask him to explain why it doesn't belong. You may be surprised by his logic. 

Me: Egg, Owl, Cow. Which doesn't belong? 
L: Egg
Me: Why did you choose egg?
L: Because, it hasn't hatched, yet. 

Interesting. I would've said it was because it wasn't an animal. He realized that it wasn't an animal...yet! 

Me: Boat, Sock, Goat. Which doesn't belong?
L: Goat. It's an animal. 
Me: Yes, that works. I choose sock, though, because boat and goat rhyme. Sock doesn't rhyme with goat and boat. 

We continued to do this with different words. The combinations and reasons are endless. Some of the skills you can work on...
  • word meanings (things that are animals, things that are edible, etc.)
  • initial sounds (cat, cap, coat)
  • ending sounds (hat, pet, goat)
  • rhymes (goat, boat)
  • initial blends & digraphs (bl, fl, gl, br, sh, ph, ck, etc.)
  • number of letters in the words

Finally, L wanted to make some for me to solve. This is such an important step in the learning process. Whenever he wants to become the teacher/quizzer, I get so excited. It means that he has mastered the activity and wants to apply his new skills to creating something on his own. 

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