Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fun Learning Activities for Magnetic Pom-poms

First you'll need to make your magnetic pom-poms. This only took me about 10 minutes. I got my inspiration from here

  • pom-poms - I picked up a pack of 50 sparkly ones from the Target dollar spot, similar to these
  • magnets - Don't cheap out. Buy good ones that are actually going to stick to something magnetic. 
  • hot glue gun - I used a high temp one. Low temp ones are useless in my opinion, and should only be used by children. 
  • something magnetic to play on (fridge, cookie sheet, etc.)
  • Make letters using letter sheets. There are a TON of them that you can print for free from Making Learning Fun. They have both uppercase and lower case sheets

  • Make freestyle letters. I've already written several posts about why this is an important skill for children, here, herehere and here. Now have your child do it with pom-poms!

  • Create freestyle pictures. 

"It's a smiley man with green eyebrows and orange cheeks." ~L
"It's a caterpillar with big orange eyes!" ~L
  • Use as a prop for imaginary play. 

The cookie sheet inspired him to make cookies. Here is he placing the dough on the pan. 
  • Make freestyle shapes. 

He turned his circle into a flower here. 
  • Sort by color, or make some magnetic pom-poms of different sizes to sort by size. 

  • Keep a letter and number of the week on the side of the refrigerator. 

  • Spell words. 

  • Make repeating patterns. 

  • Make number shapes (like you see on dominos and playing cards). 

  • Use to represent addition and subtraction problems, or multiplication and division for older kids. 

  • We could rack our brains all day for more ideas, but the best idea usually comes from the child. Just give him the pom-poms and cookie sheet and ask him what he wants to do with them. Child-led play and learning can often take you in a direction you never even thought of yourself. 

L wanted to make a rainbow on the refrigerator. 
"Hey! My rainbow kind of looks like a king's hat. Take a picture of me, Momma!" ~L
Making flowers.
Never forget to stop and smell the roses!

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