Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Storytime Co-op: Week 5

This week's Creativity Award goes to B's mom for the snacks. (Or, should it be awarded to B's dad?)

The award for Most Thrifty goes to E's mom for using supplies that she had on hand, even if the potting soil pellets were a bust. 

And, I will award myself with the Procrastination ribbon. Don't my index card drawings have "slacker" written all over them? Yes, they were done a hour before we had to leave while simultaniously bouncing a baby on my knee and screaming at L to "just eat your breakfast already!"

Book: The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss

Learning Concepts: Sequencing and transitional words (first, next, then, last)

Sequencing is one of the first reading comprehension skills that children are taught in school. This skill can be taught with just about any book. When reading with your child, ask him to recall what happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story. Or, phrase your questions like I did here...

What happened first?
What happened next?
Then what happened?
What happened last?

Other transitional words you can use with your child: beginning, middle, end, finally, after that, and ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc.). 

We read the words first, next, then and last several times throughout this activity. I will be adding these words to L's sight word ring to practice. 

Snack: Crushed up oreos ("dirt"), sunflower seeds, and baby carrots
             Sugar cookie "carrots"

The boys started getting a little stir crazy, so we moved our storytime outside. E's mom showed off her garden. Here they are checking out the corn stalks...

Learning Concept: Sorting and Classifying (math)

E's mom pulled out some seeds that she had on hand. The boys took a good look at them and talked about their attributes (small, large, round, flat, smooth, etc.). 

Then, we mixed the seeds all up and the boys worked together to sort the seeds and match them to the picture of the plant that they will grow into. 

Craft: Planting carrot seeds. 

First, we tried using some soil pellets for planting our seeds. We mixed them with the instructed amount of water, but the soil was just too runny. They were probably just too old. 

Plan B - Just get some dirt from the garden. I think the boys were much happier with this messier option, as evident by the big smile on E's face. 

This is what the potted seeds looked like when we were done. We used clear plastic cups so the boys could see their seeds sprout. 

Make sure you punch a few holes in the cup on the top. 

Vocabulary Development: Patience - We talked about how the little boy in the book was patient because it can take a long time for seeds to sprout. But, we can't forget about them. We need to take care of them just like the boy in the book took care of his seeds. 

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