Saturday, April 27, 2013

Co-op: Week 3

Circle Time: 
Welcome Song 
Read Aloud: "Ten Little Caterpillars" by Bill Martin Jr.

Handwriting for Pre-K: 
This week, Ms. Jeree worked with the boys on point and scribble. (Remember, she uses Handwriting Without Tears® materials for our co-op, as she is trained in teaching the program). They had a picture of a starry night sky that they "colored." They had to place the point of the flip crayon on a star and color it, or scribble it. 

Using wooden pieces for making capital letters, the boys began learning how to construct letters. Ms. Jeree had capital letter card mats for the boys to use, which made it like a puzzle for them. 

Reading for Pre-K:
Before Reading: I introduced the sight words it and is. I gave each boy a piece of cardboard with the 2 new words and 2 review words (a and the) written on it. We played a little listening game, which they really enjoyed. "Put your thumb on the word the. Now honk it like a car horn." "Give the word is a little kiss. Don't you just love the way that s sounds?" etc... 

Since the boys enjoyed the push pin activity that we did a couple of weeks ago, I decided to give them a few minutes to do it again with their new words. 

During Reading: We read the next high-frequency word book, "What is it?" from our Reading A-Z series. The boys practiced pointing to each word as they read and used clues from the pictures to decode new words. 

After Reading: We did a listening activity that reviewed the content vocabulary from the book and allowed me to reinforce the sight words we learned in the context of a sentence. I gave clues about an animal from the book and the boys had to tell me which animal I was describing. I used the word describe over and over again, so they could also hear that word in context, too. "I'm going to describe an animal from the book and you tell me what it is. It is a small, furry animal that hops. It is a _______."

Motor Play for Toddlers: 
While we were waiting for our co-op friends to arrive, Lilly (15 months) enjoyed putting stickers on an index card. This kept her busy for a good 10 minutes while I was setting up materials. 

Ms. Jeree planned an activity using just empty baby wipe containers and random items from the playroom (cars, potato head pieces, small slinkies, etc.). These What's Inside? boxes were a big hit with the little ones. The words in and out were emphasized, as was building their ever-expanding vocabularies by talking about each item. 

H (pre-K) showing Lil (toddler) how to open the container and reach inside for an item. 

Sensory Play for Toddlers: 
Colored rice is inexpensive and super easy to make. I made several different colors using the recipe below and then mixed them all together to make the rice pictured below. Throw in a few cups and scoops, and the kiddos will have fun pouring and playing in the rice. I also added some foam shapes to the mixture just to give them something to dig for. 

Colored Rice: Combine 2 T vinegar and food coloring in a zip lock bag. Mix. Add 2 cups white rice. Mix until all the rice is colored. Pour onto wax paper to dry over night. Store in a bin or bag once dry. 

Also, all the kids had fun playing in the "rock box" under my back deck. They love to use their hands, buckets and shovels to fill the wagon.

Math for Pre-K:
Each week the boys practice counting to 20. This week, Ms. Holly introduced them to a 100's chart. They counted together as they pointed to each number. They have mastered counting to 20, so they worked on counting to 30. 

Then, they used colored blocks to build and complete patterns. (ABABAB, AABBAABBAABB, ABCABCABC)

Music for Toddlers:
  • The toddlers were getting a little fussy (and the moms were getting tired), so we put on Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train".
  • Tribute to Jack Johnson - The mellow music was just what we needed! 
  • Bubbles and sing along songs: 
"There are bubbles in the air, in the air. There are bubbles in the air in the air. There are bubbles in the air. There are bubbles in your hair. There are bubbles in the air in the air." 

"Can you catch a little bubble on your finger? Can you catch a little bubble on your finger? Can you catch a little bubble? No, it won't be any trouble! Can you catch a little bubble on your finger?" (repeat with ...on your nose and ...on your elbow)

The big boys enjoy music time, too. So, we saved the bubble songs for everyone to do together before eating lunch. 

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