Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Co-op: Week 5

Co-op: Week 5

What a minute...where is week 4? My son was sick that week so the group carried on without us. 

Reading for Pre-K:
Before Reading: I introduced the sight words go, to, and we. I gave each boy a Read, Build, Trace sheet, letter tiles and crayons. We read each word together, they used the letter tiles to build each word, then they traced each word with a crayon. This activity was quick, hands-on and absolutely a hit with each boy!

During Reading: We read the next high-frequency word book, "We Go" from Reading A-Z. 

After Reading: We talked about how even though there is a picture above some of the words, we need to look at the first and last letters of the word to make sure what we are reading matches the sounds those letters make. For example, if the text reads, "We go to the playground," and the child reads "park" in place of the word "playground," then I would point out that they both start with the /p/ sound, but the ending sounds are different. We will work on this skill more in the following weeks. 

Handwriting for Pre-K: 
This week, Ms. Jeree introduced Roll a Dough letters. (Remember, she uses Handwriting Without Tears® materials for our co-op, as she is trained in teaching the program). 
The boys used these laminated letter cards and playdough to roll snakes and form letters. (I'll post more about this, including pictures, in a later post.)

Math for Pre-K: This was a review week for math. Mrs. Holly set up centers to review and assess the concepts that were taught during the past 4 weeks: shapes, ordinal numbers, and completing patterns. She found that the boys all needed more work on patterns, specifically with constructing their own patterns. I don't know exactly what she had for the boys to do, because I was busy with the toddlers and their jello play. 

Sensory Play for Toddlers: 
Mrs. Amy made some jello for the toddlers to play with. She even put some fruit gummies and plastic bugs in the jello for the kids to find. This was a BIG hit. The tots played for quite a while. My daughter discovered within the first 30 seconds that she could eat the jello, so she was in heaven. 

S, discovering the fruit gummies. 

L, sucking a toy bug clean.

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